Peril has been involved in Melbourne's Urban history from the get go playing in his 1st band on the Northside in 1986 by the name of "Drum Machine" which was one of the 1st bands to incorporate a dj along with musicians and samplers. which was very radical for the time.

He later joined Davy.Ds band "Blow sound unit" at the turn of the 90s which was yet another hybrid band that was a mix of dub reggae and funky blues with himself on percussion and turntables duties whom he recorded one E.p with called "Rocking the Establishment".

In the mid 90s Peril joined Dion Hirini's Band "Roller Coaster"which he recorded one E.p with.

In 1997 Peril thought it time to put his own band together which he named 1200 Techniques"

He then met a young man from W.a by the name of N'fa Jones at the Evelyn hotel which was to become the lead vocalist and then joined by Quarter 2 Nine's Kemstar on guitar and last but not least he added Ex "CDB" drummer Richie C, with Peril taking up the Producer and band leader roll.

1200 Techniques went on to take out the 2002 Aria award for the best Independent single of the year with "Karma" as well as winning the the Film clip of the year for Michael Graceys "Karma" before there was even a Hip Hop category.

After 1200's took a break in 2005 Peril recorded his solo album called "King Of The Beats" which was released in 2006, which he collabed with Neo Soul legend "Rahsaan Paterson" on a track called "Rock Your Baby" as well as Daniel Merriweather on "Who is She.

Just of late Peril produced 1200 Techniques "Time Will Come" Ep feat Wu Tangs very own "Ghostface Killa" on a track called "Flow is Trouble" which was picked up by the video game "Forza Horizon 3".

At the moment Peril is in the studio working on some brand new material so stay tuned as there's a lot more to come.